Thursday, July 8, 2010


Regardless of the outcome of a competition or how many days we fly, it would be impossible to hold a gliding contest without volunteers.

This year at Hobbs, we needed an unusual amount of help to get everyone launched and retrieved, and the CD needed a lot of advice.

Here are the people who gave up ten days of their normal lives to help us out:

Tina Bearden, Ron Clark, Hayden Connor, Rhonda Copeland, Bud Copeland, Colby Deming, Ralph Douthit, Mary Ann Douthit, John Godfrey, Austin Goodwin, Donna Head, Alex Johanson, Austin Keene, Bayley Layton, Denise Layton, Cheri Long, Steve Maier, Charlie Minner, Kathey Pope, Julius Tabery, Mechelle Tarrant

And here is a picture of Denise and Donna, whose normal lives include working for us at the SSA Headquarters:

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