Thursday, June 24, 2010


Each morning the contestants are assigned a route to fly. The route, called a "Task," is different every day. All Tasks are closed-course, i.e. they all end at the finish line back home.

Some Tasks are very specific about where the glider must go. Others allow the pilot to make some inflight decisions about where to go.

The simplest Task is the Assigned Task (AT) which is just a sequence of Turn Points that the glider must visit before coming home. The fastest glider wins the day.

The Modified Assign Task (MAT) is similar, but it includes both mandatory and optional Turn Points.

The Turn Area Task (TAT) allows the pilot to go anywhere he chooses within very large circular areas.

The pilot's objective in the MAT and TAT is to achieve the greatest distance in a fixed amount of time, usually three or four hours.

In all cases, the competitors are scored according to their average speed from start to finish.

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