Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The rules define certain jobs that must be filled for a contest to receive a sanction from SSA. These are the people it takes to run a contest:

The Contest Manager is the highest authority and is responsible for the smooth running of the entire competition. His or her job begins months before the contest and isn't finished until at least a month afterwards. During the meet,the CM supervises everyone else.

The Competition Director is responsible for all sporting aspects of the competition. The CD sets the tasks and assures that the contest is run fairly.

The Operations Director manages everything that happens on the ground, most notably the launches.

The Meteorologist watches the weather 24 hours a day and presents a forecast to the pilots every morning.

In addition to doing the scoring, the Scorer is generally the internet, data, and hardware guru for the contest.

The Chief Tow Pilot ensures that all the towplanes are ready each day, and represents the interests and concerns of all the tow pilots.

The Retrieve Officer makes sure that pilots who have landed out get retrieved, and verifies that everyone is accounted for at the end of the day. This job can keep you up all night.

The Task Advisors are not strictly officials. They are competitors, chosen by the CD, who have enough local knowledge and experience to advise the CD on task selection.

The Contest Committee is an independent body that adjudicates any disputes between the CD and the pilots. In a completely successful contest, the Contest Committee has nothing to do. A better name for this body would be "Jury."

Here are the volunteer officials for this contest:

Contest ManagerEdre Maier
Competition DirectorRick Sheppe
Operations DirectorBill McDaniels
MeteorologistWalt Rogers
ScorerTom Pressley
Chief Tow PilotBob Lynn
Retrieve OfficerDenise Layton
Task AdvisorsBif Huss, Mark Keene, David Coggins, Steve Leonard
Contest CommitteeSteve Maier, Leigh Zimmerman

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